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About Us

It all started with Riley...

Riley is a mini goldendoodle who stole my heart from the moment I met her. Dogs really do change your life! Riley started developing digestive issues as a puppy and was extremely sensitive to food additives, allergens, and high fat treats. As a registered dietitian specializing in digestive diseases, I have a deep knowledge of eating to improve digestion and overall intestinal balance. I spoke with numerous conventional and holistic vets to get a better sense for the difference in human versus pet digestion and absorption. It turns out that digestive complaints are a primary cause for veterinary visits. I knew Riley wasn’t the only pup suffering from poor digestion. I started experimenting in the kitchen with the intention of creating a novel GI friendly treat to improve intestinal balance and the rest is history! Riley goes nuts for my treats, and I hope your pup will too! The best part is that both Riley and I taste test every batch…. they are just THAT good!

Danielle and Riley

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